Classic cars tour,
business incentives

To live a unique day aboard a classic car..

Classic cars tour,<br>business incentives

Vintage car rentals for tours
and company incentives

Tour in auto epoca

HPE tours is the result of a passion for exceptional cars, outside of any classification, and of a history of adventures and travels to rediscover the atmosphere of the past.
With the experience gained over many years of work and to the visceral passion for vintage cars, we are able to organize unique and memorable tours and events that take us to the discovery of picturesque places.
Our offers are wide in order to satisfy anyone’s wishes.
We organize tours of different genres and length, for those who would like to spend the day with us but also for those who would like to dive into the past for just an hour aboard one of our vintage cars.
Contact us and come visit to discover all the packages and solutions that HPE has for you.

What can we do for you

1 classic car rental

2 route planning and road book

3 dozers car

4 accomodation booking

5 possibilty of having the car in the place you prefer

6 technical assistance throughout the event

7 vintage car hire for special occasions

7 vintage car hire for corporate incentives