Regularity races and Mille Miglia

Experience the thrill of a race on a vintage car.

Regularity races and Mille Miglia

Cars hire for historical races, regularity races and Mille Miglia

Gare di regolarita e Mille Miglia

Hpe rents its cars to take part in regular competitions, rallies and demonstrations of historical interest.
In our car park there are also eligible cars at the Mille Miglia, one of the most historic motor racing in the world.
We are able to offer our customers a complete service: we want you enjoy a fantastic and adrenalin experience on board a vintage car.
If you had the need we also offer the possibility to take delivery of the car directly at the place of the race and receive mechanical assistance.

What can we do for you

1 car rental

2 registration forms and necessary documentation

3 shor briefing about driving controls and road book

4 stopwatches supply and trip master

5 car transportation service in the place of the race

6 technical assistance during the race