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Ural Sidecar
Ural Sidecar

Ural Sidecar

One of the most famous sidecar...

The Ural is a Russian manufacturer of heavy motorcycles. Many of its models are sidecar. The IMZ-URAL origins are linked to developments in the field of war during World War II. It was actually the ministry of the Soviet defense requesting to develop a modern motorcycle model, with a build quality and a technology able to withstand the harsh climate and terrain of the Russian soil. Since 1992, the Ural became a limited company, of which the government holds 22%. Although most of its models sold remain within the country, the Ural remains one of the largest producers and exporters of the sidecar in the world.

It is one of the most famous sidecar products. Simple to use, with a retro style, it will make you travel like real stars of the road.

images Ural Sidecar

Ural Sidecar - front view
Ural Sidecar - side view

Technical details Ural Sidecar

Year 1999
Seats 3
Car body Sidecar
Driver's side left
Exterior color blue-cream
Interiors black
Engine size 650 CC
Gears manual

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