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Bentley S3
Bentley S3

Bentley S3

One of the most desirable and expensive British luxury sedans...

The S3 was a luxury car built by Bentley between 1962 and 1965. Compared with its previous version, the S2, there are some particular differenced, including new turn signals on the front in-stead of on the side and a split headlight. The hood is lower and the radiator grill has been changed. The front seat was split into two and extra space for the feet was added, making it more comfortable. Many of the units were bodied by coach builders that were trusted by the customer, with many of them choosing Mulliner. The S3 remains one of Britain’s most coveted and expensive luxury sedans of the era. At the time it was considered a car of exceptional performance.

images Bentley S3

Bentley S3 - frontal view
Bentley S3 - side view
Bentley S3 - rear view
Bentley S3 - interiors
Bentley S3 - interiors
Bentley S3 - detail

Technical details Bentley S3

Year 1965
Seats 5
Car body Berlina
Driver's side right
Exterior color white
Interiors white
Engine size 6200CC V8 200CV
Gears automatic gearbox

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