Vintage car rental

Experience the thrill of driving
one of our amazing classic cars.

Vintage car rental

Vintage car rental

See the cars you can rent in the section "our cars" applying the filter "vintage cars hire".

You can hire a car depending on availability, the day and time, which will be agreed by phone or through email contact.

After the welcome drink, the client can sit in the driving seat. After a short briefing, the tour starts. Our assistant will sit next to show the path and give assistance in case of necessity.

It is not possible to drive our cars without the assistant of our team.

It is possible to bring just 1 person (as a passenger) to share the experience.

"Hpe Srl" is not responsible if the driving test should not be possible for bad weather conditions or malfunction of the car and mechanical damage (in this case you can choose another one available) or agree on another day prior availability, or finally for upcoming road blocks.

It is possible to rent the car longer with a small extra cost (based on the extra kilometers) in addition to the standard price.

It is not possible to use the cars Non è possibile utilizzare la vettura for other purposes than those specified in the service description.

At the end of the test, you receive a memory picture and a certificate.

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