Vintage car rental

Experience the thrill of driving
one of our amazing classic cars.

Vintage car rental

Vintage car rental

If you would like to experience the intoxication of driving a "Vintage" car, , our rental services puts at your disposal a series of beautiful and powerful cars, for all tastes and necessities.
We have at our disposal cars of rare beauty that differentiate themselves from modern cars by their exclusivity and the originality of their design.
Give yourself the opportunity to escape from the modern life by going back in time, with the joy of handling a steering wheel that transmits to your hands the power of a classical car.

Noleggio auto epoca

What is included in our service

Get in touch with us, even if only for information.
You can choose your car out of the ones we have at our disposal that you can discover and touch though our show room.
All of our vintage cars have been restored to the highest level, while fully respecting the original car and to guarantee maximum reliability. All of the restorations have been carried out by professional companies that are respected in the industry. Our cars are subjected to regular mechanical checks and to a rigorous aesthetic maintenance.
Once your car has been chosen, we supply an excellent assistance service and one of our specialized assistants will follow you during the entire length of the rental with the maximum discretion and accessibility. We are also able to offer our services thought all of Italy.

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